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Actively involved in the crypto scene since 2014 and joining the SexCoin community shortly thereafter.

Main coins supported: BitCoin BTC, SexCoin SXC and TagCoin TAG (with an eye on some of the other Alt Coins that have been around for a few years) as well as having show interest in GoldCoin GLD, DiamondCoin DMD and CryptoGen CXB but always returning to SexCoin as the benchmark for innovation for a niche market.

"I have been working on the site to catch out scammers with varying support and encouragement. Naturally there are scammers who's only recourse to having been caught out is to send threatening messages, most are too illiterate to dwell on with anything other than amusement."

"Many alt coins are run by one or two devs who are either pumping a shit coin or want to pump and dump, but with SexCoin the community is striving to build a crypto coin with the Adult Industry in mind enabling SexCoin to become the preferred crypto coin in the Adult Industry.

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