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getblock "hash" ( verbose )
getblockhash index
getblockheader "hash" ( verbose )
getmempoolancestors txid (verbose)
getmempooldescendants txid (verbose)
getmempoolentry txid
getrawmempool ( verbose )
gettxout "txid" n ( includemempool )
gettxoutproof ["txid",...] ( blockhash )
verifychain ( checklevel numblocks )
verifytxoutproof "proof"


getinfo Returns an object containing various state info. {
 "version": xxxxx,           (numeric) the server version
 "protocolversion": xxxxx,   (numeric) the protocol version
 "walletversion": xxxxx,     (numeric) the wallet version
 "balance": xxxxxxx,         (numeric) the total sexcoin balance of the wallet
 "blocks": xxxxxx,           (numeric) the current number of blocks processed in the server
 "timeoffset": xxxxx,        (numeric) the time offset
 "connections": xxxxx,       (numeric) the number of connections
 "proxy": "host:port",     (string, optional) the proxy used by the server
 "difficulty": xxxxxx,       (numeric) the current difficulty
 "testnet": true|false,      (boolean) if the server is using testnet or not
 "keypoololdest": xxxxxx,    (numeric) the timestamp (seconds since GMT epoch) of the oldest pre-generated key in the key pool
 "keypoolsize": xxxx,        (numeric) how many new keys are pre-generated
 "unlocked_until": ttt,      (numeric) the timestamp in seconds since epoch (midnight Jan 1 1970 GMT) that the wallet is unlocked for transfers, or 0 if the wallet is locked
 "paytxfee": x.xxxx,         (numeric) the transaction fee set in sxc/kb
 "relayfee": x.xxxx,         (numeric) minimum relay fee for non-free transactions in sxc/kb
 "errors": "..."           (string) any error messages


help ( "command" ) List all commands, or get help for a specified command.
stop Stop Sexcoin server.


generate numblocks ( maxtries )
generatetoaddress numblocks address (maxtries)


getblocktemplate ( TemplateRequest )
getnetworkhashps ( blocks height )
prioritisetransaction <txid> <priority delta> <fee delta>
submitblock "hexdata" ( "jsonparametersobject" )


addnode "node" "add/remove/onetry" Attempts add or remove a node from the addnode list. Or try a connection to a node once.
getaddednodeinfo dummy ( "node" )
getnetworkinfo Returns an object containing various state info regarding P2P networking
getpeerinfo Returns data about each connected network node as a json array of objects. {
   "id": n,                   (numeric) Peer index
   "addr":"host:port",      (string) The ip address and port of the peer
   "addrlocal":"ip:port",   (string) local address
   "services":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",   (string) The services offered
   "lastsend": ttt,           (numeric) The time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT) of the last send
   "lastrecv": ttt,           (numeric) The time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT) of the last receive
   "bytessent": n,            (numeric) The total bytes sent
   "bytesrecv": n,            (numeric) The total bytes received
   "conntime": ttt,           (numeric) The connection time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT)
   "pingtime": n,             (numeric) ping time
   "pingwait": n,             (numeric) ping wait
   "version": v,              (numeric) The peer version, such as 7001
   "subver": "/Satoshi:0.8.5/",  (string) The string version
   "inbound": true|false,     (boolean) Inbound (true) or Outbound (false)
   "startingheight": n,       (numeric) The starting height (block) of the peer
   "banscore": n,             (numeric) The ban score
   "synced_headers": n,       (numeric) The last header we have in common with this peer
   "synced_blocks": n,        (numeric) The last block we have in common with this peer
   "inflight": [
      n,                        (numeric) The heights of blocks we're currently asking from this peer
ping Requests that a ping be sent to all other nodes, to measure ping time.

Results provided in getpeerinfo, pingtime and pingwait fields are decimal seconds. Ping command is handled in queue with all other commands, so it measures processing backlog, not just network ping.

setban "ip(/netmask)" "add/remove" (bantime) (absolute)


Raw Transactions
createrawtransaction [{"txid":"id","vout":n},...] {"address":amount,"data":"hex",...} ( locktime )
decoderawtransaction "hexstring"
decodescript "hex"
fundrawtransaction "hexstring" ( options )
getrawtransaction "txid" ( verbose )
sendrawtransaction "hexstring" ( allowhighfees )
signrawtransaction "hexstring" ( [{"txid":"id","vout":n,"scriptPubKey":"hex","redeemScript":"hex"},...] ["privatekey1",...] sighashtype )


createmultisig nrequired ["key",...]
estimatefee nblocks
estimatepriority nblocks
estimatesmartfee nblocks
estimatesmartpriority nblocks
signmessagewithprivkey "privkey" "message"
validateaddress "sexcoinaddress"
verifymessage "sexcoinaddress" "signature" "message"


abandontransaction "txid"
addmultisigaddress nrequired ["key",...] ( "account" )
addwitnessaddress "address"
backupwallet "destination"
dumpprivkey "sexcoinaddress"
dumpwallet "filename"
getaccount "sexcoinaddress"
getaccountaddress "account"
getaddressesbyaccount "account"
getbalance ( "account" minconf includeWatchonly )
getnewaddress ( "account" )
getreceivedbyaccount "account" ( minconf )
getreceivedbyaddress "sexcoinaddress" ( minconf )
gettransaction "txid" ( includeWatchonly )
importaddress "address" ( "label" rescan p2sh ) Adds an address or script (in hex) that can be watched as if it were in your wallet but cannot be used to spend
importprivkey "sexcoinprivkey" ( "label" rescan )
importpubkey "pubkey" ( "label" rescan )
importwallet "filename"
keypoolrefill ( newsize )
listaccounts ( minconf includeWatchonly)
listreceivedbyaccount ( minconf includeempty includeWatchonly)
listreceivedbyaddress ( minconf includeempty includeWatchonly)
listsinceblock ( "blockhash" target-confirmations includeWatchonly)
listtransactions ( "account" count from includeWatchonly)
listunspent ( minconf maxconf ["address",...] )
lockunspent unlock ([{"txid":"txid","vout":n},...])
move "fromaccount" "toaccount" amount ( minconf "comment" )
removeprunedfunds "txid"
sendfrom "fromaccount" "tosexcoinaddress" amount ( minconf "comment" "comment-to" )
sendmany "fromaccount" {"address":amount,...} ( minconf "comment" ["address",...] )
sendtoaddress "sexcoinaddress" amount ( "comment" "comment-to" subtractfeefromamount )
setaccount "sexcoinaddress" "account"
settxfee amount
signmessage "sexcoinaddress" "message"
walletpassphrase "passphrase" timeout
walletpassphrasechange "oldpassphrase" "newpassphrase"

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